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Parallel Lives

Richard is at the lowest ebb of his life—and he’s determined to end it. Desperate to recapture and change the past, what if it was possible to see life as it could have been. Could it show life as he dreamed it would be? Is it even possible to make contact with a parallel existence? Parallel Lives explores what happens when one encounters the possibilities of roads not taken—and what we can learn from these alternate versions. After a mysterious yet strangely familiar figure interrupts his suicide attempt, Richard embarks on a journey traveling the globe as part of a unique problem-solving team. Together with his doppelgangers, Richard overcomes substantial challenges and discovers his own heart with the love of a young actress. The group set off on a mission to destroy an international crime syndicate. It’s a high-risk expedition through London, Geneva, and Africa. And the results will surprise everyone. A thought-provoking novel of fate, choice, and possibility, this smart and savvy story will keep you guessing right up to the thrilling finale.


About the Author

Martin Gwent Lewis

Born in Wales and educated in London, Martin graduated from medical school in 1962. Dr. Lewis spent years living and working in Africa, as well as traveling extensively throughout the course of his career. Dr. Martin Lewis is in private practice, a Clinical Professor for several Florida universities, and a U.C.C. Minister in Seminole. He currently lives in St. Petersburg, Florida.



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