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Eleven-year-old Adam and his best friend, Anna, think life is pretty boring in their small seaside town—until Adam begins having strange dreams, and pets start disappearing all over town. Soon Adam and Anna, together with their new friends Bill and Iris, are involved in a bizarre series of experiences they can’t share with their parents. After all, who would believe that Adam can read his dog’s thoughts? Or leave his body? Or that an unspeakable evil has appeared in town? Aided by Iris’s psychic grandmother, the four children must confront a terrifying dark power they can only begin to understand. What is this mysterious black building Adam keeps seeing in his visions? And will the four friends be able to overcome the malevolent forces guarding it in time to save their pets—and their world—from disaster?


About the Author

Mary A. Wheeler

Mary A. Wheeler lives in Maine with her family, which includes two children, three dogs and two cats. When she is not teaching in a local school, she enjoys outdoor activities, reading, travel and photography. Her other writings for young people include The Secret Stone chapter book series.