Outside the Lavender Closet

Inspired by True Stories

by Martha A. Taylor


Book Details

A journey into the lesbian community

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Regardless of lifestyle or age, this highly anticipated book is a delightful journalistic novel to be enjoyed by all women, albeit age or declaration.

Written from the viewpoint of a fledging author, Margaret sets out to write her first book about a subject she thinks she knows well; life inside the lesbian community. Once she begins her interviews she discovers that these women have carved out their lives and lifestyles from the hard crusts of life, circumstance and opportunity

Outside the Lavender Closet brings to life a collection of contemporary stories inspired by actual women and true events.

Discover the lives of eight women as they share their stories, struggles and tender moments. You'll discover, as Margaret did, there's a lot you don't know about this uncharted segment of modern society.

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