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It was a dream season until ...


Jason Jefferson has uncovered the scandal of the year — but how much will he risk to see his story on the front page? Out for the football season due to injury, Jason decides to explore his newly hatched dream of becoming an investigative reporter. A natural on the field with strong ties to the team, Jason wants nothing more than to combine his love of football with his investigative aspirations; he never expected that in pursuing one, he might have to sacrifice the other. Filled with the twists and turns of a true mystery novel, OUT OF BOUNDS re-imagines the notorious Watergate scandal set against a backdrop of competitive football, hot girls, and the pitfalls of high school. Who is Deep Throat? Who is at the root of this scandal and how many players are involved? To get to the truth, the guilty parties won’t be the last to run out of bounds.


About the Author

Bob Moseley

Bob Moseley has written for Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, and Tennis magazine and is a career sports journalist. He has been honored with writing awards from the Associated Press and United Press International, and was the proud recipient of first place in the category of Children’s Stories from the Writers International Forum. Bob lives in Shelton, Connecticut, with his wife Sheila and son Luke.