Getting Your Past Out Of Your Present

by David O'Conner


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“Weeds” Helps Us To Recognize The Negative Components From Our Past That Cause Current Angst, Regret, And Conflict In Our Present.

What factors from your past occupy your mindshare, guide your tendencies, and slow your progress toward being your best? Understanding the role our past plays in our lives is vital to finding a productive place to “put it” and proceed to the thriving lifestyle we deserve. “WEEDS” will help you: 3 Recognize ANGST and the role it plays in your life 3 Learn how to FORGET REGRET and “Begin to Win” 3 Accept the need for CONFLICT and resolution 3 Institute PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE methods By embracing the many factors from our past that make us who we are, we can better control their impact on our lives and the lives of those around us. Too many people allow angst, regret, and fear of conflict inhibit their activities and their pursuit of richer, more rewarding lives. Sharpen your hoe and let’s deal with our “WEEDS”. “WEEDS” is the third book in a five book series on personal productivity.


About the Author

David O'Conner

David O’Conner, author of “Getting to a GOOD PLACE”, “Don’t Give Away Your POWER”, and “WEEDS” has helped thousands to reduce their stress while increasing their personal productivity at home, work, and play. David is taking the messages from his O’talks and publishing a series of books that capture his ideas with passion and wraps them in his brand of Southern humor. More available at www.otalks.com.

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