Operation Seeding

Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day

by Micheal Andrisano


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Control the Weather. Control the World.

It had been raining: torrential, miserable, cold wet rain for the last four months. It seemed as if the rain was never going to end. He had already lost his house, his crops in the fields, and his livestock as he watched it all wash away one day right before he himself was rescued. No one could figure out why God was punishing everyone. But God has nothing to do with it. An American company, HT Wetco, quietly reaps the rewards from their life-changing business: cloud seeding. Bob Thurston, past CEO of HT Wetco, knows that countries can be terrorized from the sky – that a change in one global jet stream can cause havoc around the world, that populations can be brought to their knees with snow and rain ruining food supplies. But now someone has caught on to how his technology is being used, and Bob isn’t willing to stand by and let his life’s work be destroyed. He will stop at nothing to make sure that his project is safe. Bob draws a diverse cast of characters into his net of intrigue – including Gunter, a German assassin who begins to suspect that all is not as it seems; Pete Winslow, a former Green Beret whose misguided loyalty to Bob comes from his own blighted childhood; and Juan and Clara, who are determined to expose Bob at any cost. Rooted in real techniques for influencing weather, Operation Seeding deftly explores how greed and corruption can exploit and destroy an otherwise benign force of Nature. This compelling page-turner will change the way you think about what really goes on behind the curtain of global politics.


About the Author

Micheal Andrisano

Mike Andrisano is retired, living in Pennsylvania with his wife. Operation Seeding an award-winning book that has developed over decades. A thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Then follow the characters in the sequel, Extended Forcast / Global Chaos, to its ending in May Day Cometh a thriller ending in the three-book series. Available now on all major retailers and at Outskirts Press.
E-mai Mikel at writeratwork@earthlink.net or visit http;//www.mikeandrisano.com

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