One for the Coyotes

How I survived 40 years of my dream job in TV news (and cancer too)

by Al Wallace with David Smale


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“My friend, Al Wallace, has been telling the stories of others his entire professional life. Finally he gets to tell his. I promise you will thoroughly enjoy One for the Coyotes, a deep, honest reflection of the amazing life of Al Wallace. He’s a man of kindness and integrity. Al, thank you for sharing your story with us. It has made me better.”
—Dayton Moore, General Manager, Kansas City Royals

“If you like history, sports and a dedication to family, you’ll love One for the Coyotes. Al Wallace’s look at his life is heartwarming, and it offers a true perspective of what teamwork can be on several levels.”
—Kathy Nelson, President & CEO, Kansas City Sports Commission & Foundation

“Al Wallace’s autobiography takes you through a tunnel of growing up in a military family, to playing high school football in Texas, to covering three World Series and nine Final Fours while working in Kansas City. It’s a great look at one man’s walk through life that includes a foundation of hard work. His attention to detail and demanding the best from himself and those around him helped me a great deal in my career.”
—Todd Leabo, Director of Sports Operations, Sports Radio 810, WHB

“Al Wallace has always been a person and professional who ‘got it.’ This book is a view into his past, but also is a look into his heart. Al also always has been passionate and personable. This work is a blessing, just as Al is a blessing to many, many people, including me.”
—Mitch Holthus, Play-By-Play Voice, Kansas City Chiefs Book Review: What a joy and delight is was to read Al Wallace’s book, One for the Coyotes. I was fortunate enough to spend my high school years (with pretend interviews using a pen, or hairbrush, or any available ‘microphone’), and college years (Yes, he proudly even took me to the Lubbock TV station and showed me the floors he swept and the teleprompter he ran) with this amazing friend, and was not surprised at the depth of heart, and sincere character he revealed within these pages. With his military background explained, and his close family of ten described, the book then takes the reader on the fascinating journey of Al recognizing his dream, pursuing his dream, and becoming one of the absolute best in his field, because his passion for sports, paired with his love of history (sports and otherwise), made for viewer loyalty and respect. The Title, One for the Coyotes, and its meaning, perfectly gives credence to Alva’s mantra for life. It is with sincerity and pride that I recommend this book to all those who are searching for a hero for themselves, or a role model for their children or grandchildren. You will not be disappointed. Ann Embry, Retired Teacher and Educator


About the Author

Al Wallace with David Smale

Al and David were acquaintances, having covered many of the same sporting events over the years. They shared a love of sports and a desire to share a good story. Al made his career telling you stories through television, while David made his with the written word, publishing 17 books. When they put their minds together, more than a book resulted. They developed a friendship that transcends the games that brought them together. They hope you enjoy this story of Al’s 40-year career.