A Personal Account: Reliving the History of the Civil War

by Mark Brian Swart


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Real people.
Real life.
Real history.
Real experiences.
Civil War Reenacting is MUCH MORE than just what you see on TV!

It’s a reality all its own; a combination of high emotions, glowing triumphs, tremendous satisfaction, robust humor, always unbeatable camaraderie, and occasionally even some head-scratching, headaches, or a heartache or two.

This story is not just for the benefit of reenactors or those who may have some added exposure to reenacting but so that EVERYONE can understand and enjoy it!

Ah, Yes……….Those crazy people chasing Yesteryear. ARE they crazy, or just really committed? If you ever wondered about Civil War reenacting, this is the book for you!
The author guides you through the whole endeavor, with a style that highlights the sense of adventure and provides much more than just information and entertainment!


Book Excerpt

Notes from The Author:
I came up with the idea of writing ONCE MORE INTO THE BREACH a number of years ago...
Actually, the credit for the idea of a book should go to many of my Pards and Friends.

I had been keeping a diary detailing the escapades and happenings at all the reenacting events I had participated in and was usually pressed into recounting some of the adventures around the campfire or at parties, etc. ,by both the folks that had been there and others who wanted to know about what we did, how we did it, where we went, and so forth.

I was prevailed upon by many good folks on a number of occasions to put it all together in a book and get it published so that everyone could share our experiences and find out what is REALLY involved. Of course, as you will read, a fair amount of amusement was involved and a whole lot of fun was had at everyone’s expense – particularly my own!

But even more than that, I learned a lot of lessons while participating as a Civil War reenactor that have been beneficial to my life in general.

When I realized that I might be able to contribute in literary form and help out others – while entertaining and educating them at the same time – I knew my mission was set!

It took me a while to finally get it all together (this one being my first book!), but it has finally come to fruition in a work that I am proud to claim as my own.

I started and stopped a number of times during the writing; I wanted to present everything in a fashion that EVERYONE could understand, appreciate and enjoy, and it took me several attempts to finally arrive at this end result.

It’s a collection of some of everything I’ve ever experienced while reenacting and is packed with Humor, Stories, Anecdotes, Who-What-When-Where-Why-How, and my own version of Philosophy and definitions of Good, Bad and Ugly.

I do hope you’re sufficiently enticed to pick up a copy and find out what it's all about.

I will guarantee that you will certainly be much more than just entertained!

Many Thanks and God Bless!


About the Author

Mark Brian Swart

Mark Brian Swart has always enjoyed history. He discovered reenacting back in 1998 when he began to explore “Living History” as a Civil War soldier. He began keeping a diary in his second year of reenacting and his thoughtful, amusing and candid comments were the catalyst for ONCE MORE INTO THE BREACH. Mark has realized that too little is known about Civil War reenacting, or about those who give so much and work so hard at it - both to Preserve History and to Honor the Brave Americans who gave their lives during its Creation. His book has been written to fill that gap.



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