On a Sphere's Edge

Addiction, Attraction, Myth and Mystery in a Lighthearted Future

by Keith Mosher

On a Sphere's Edge

On a Sphere's Edge

Addiction, Attraction, Myth and Mystery in a Lighthearted Future

by Keith Mosher

Published Feb 20, 2015
314 Pages
Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / General


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Addiction, Attraction, Myth and Mystery in a Lighthearted Future.

Alex finds herself in possession of a legendary device that has the potential to destroy civilization. It is then she learns the device is addictive. She cannot turn this device over to her commanders. Military minds and all-consuming destructive powers do not make a good match. She reluctantly accepts her need to drop out of the system to protect the device and humanity. To do that, she enlists the aid of a crafty ex-con.

Mark Szasz writes:I was very impressed by the detail. The characters and the setting are developed in the most exciting and complete ways, ways that you almost exclusively see in science fiction. If you enjoy Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein, then I suspect you will find “On a Sphere’s Edge” thoroughly enjoyable!


Book Excerpt

A sample from the book...

She imagined herself, Sphere at her side, guiding and counseling people into actions that would benefit civilization. She and the Sphere would make deals, create advancements, and guide populations. They would rid humanity of terrorism. They would eliminate poverty and oppression, and abolish avarice and greed. The known galaxy would expand under their tutelage. Alex lost any sense of time and place. She slowly moved the Sphere in its wrappings closer and closer to her face until she was resting her forehead against the bag and case. She was not asleep and yet she dreamed.

With the power of the Sphere behind her, she would move into the Fleet. Once inside, with the Sphere as her guide she would root out her adversary. She would find them and remove them, perhaps even liquidate them for causing her so much grief. Then, with herself at the head of the Affiliate she would covertly begin to unite all the governments of the galaxy. It would take work. It would take power. But she has the ultimate power. The Sphere was the power. There would be resistance. There would be fighting, no doubt. It would take lives. But with the power of the Sphere, influence over the Affiliate and the strength of the Police Fleet at her command, the various political systems would bend under her sway.


About the Author

Keith Mosher

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Keith Mosher earned his Bachelor of Media Arts degree from USC in 1980. During his multifaceted past, he has been an Audio Producer / Engineer, a Law Office Manager, and a computer software programmer. He currently teaches Martial Arts, blogs, and is an established author.