Old Dog, New Tricks

The Story of an Old Shelter Dog Who Got a Second Chance

by Marie-Yolaine Williams


Book Details

Who Says Old Dogs Can’t Learn New Tricks?

Boscoe is an 11-year-old dog who suddenly finds himself at a shelter competing with puppies for potential adopters. When a family finally comes in looking for an older dog, Boscoe can't believe his ears! Will he find his forever home?


About the Author

Marie-Yolaine Williams

Marie-Yolaine Williams is an attorney who loves kids and dogs. She has one child, a 7-year-old boy named Langston, and two senior dogs, Fenster and Keaton, both of whom were rescued. She wrote the Shelter Dog Series in hopes that it will encourage people to adopt dogs from shelters and consider dogs that are frequently overlooked by adopters. She resides in Atlanta with her family.

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