Oil of Joy for Mourning

The Healing Touch of God

by Sharon J. Weston


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Witness the miracle of His healing love

Oil of Joy for Mourning is an inspirational collection of stories by men and women of faith who, in times of crisis, with nowhere else to turn, were forced to turn to God and trust totally in Him. And He did not let them down. In turning to God, these ordinary men and women discovered a new depth of faith they had never known before. They received courage and strength that only God could give, and they felt God’s healing touch in their lives, turning their mourning into joy. Read their stories, and perhaps their words will lift you up. Perhaps you, too, will experience some of the joy God wants to share with you.


Book Excerpt

When we have faith in the transforming power of Jesus Christ, we count on Him to change us into the person we are meant to be – a child of His Kingdom, with a heart to see and act God’s way, not ours. No matter how hard or bizarre a circumstance in life seems, we know He loves us and is working for good. For most of us, this is a lifelong process and a mystery. This concept was foremost during the following trial He gave me, both to heal ancient wounds and to teach me what His agape love means. It is such an encouragement that He takes us where we are, not where we imagine ourselves to be, and that He never gives up till we understand…and that He loves everyone we hurt along the way. You may think that what I tell you could have been fixed by purely human means. Yes, God uses people to heal us, but that healing ultimately comes from God through whatever means He chooses. The following is how He worked to heal me. Over 25 years ago, I was very lonely. In my growing relationship with Christ, He had been guiding, forgiving and changing me for over forty years. I knew Who He was – God in human form, willingly come to earth to bring the Kingdom of God into our hearts and to be a blood sacrifice for the grief of the sin nature each of us is born with and cannot escape. His grace buys us back into abundant life if we welcome Him in. I had loved Him, followed Him – His Word was alive for me in a personal way, and I acted on it. He came to me in nature, in others, in books. Some were imperfect pictures, but they were “pictures,” and I knew they contained His truth. I read it in His Word. So – lonely? What could be missing? Where did this empty, fearful hole come from? Loving me were a dear husband and three sons. We moved frequently, so I had no constant friends, but I had a job I enjoyed and a good church – and responsibilities in different Navy communities. There was no physical want or need. But I was still so lonely. Was I just a spoiled brat? Thank God! He made us, knows all about us. He knew what was lacking and sick in my mind and heart, and when I told a new friend “I was lonely,” He began emotional and spiritual surgery. I was in the habit of distrusting people, keeping secrets and ponderings, and going to the Bible for counsel. Psalm 27 had already been a great help to me when my father left us: “When your father and mother forsake you, I will take you up…” (Psalm 27:10). So when in 1982 the shock of rejection came once more, I returned to the Bible. And again, as though God spoke aloud, a verse became real: “Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and He will strengthen your heart; wait, I say, upon the Lord” (Psalm 27:14). Well, now I understand. I was still seeking another “mother” with skin on, one who would accept me and be an uncritical friend. Good grief! I had a living mother, who wanted my love – but I had rejected her, perceiving her as critical, rejecting, judgmental and sure she disliked me. Now I know that was a lie, but it seemed like truth. When, as the oldest child, I had responsibility for the others, I’d spent my life in books, daydreaming and irresponsible. As for my emotions – I had no woman friend. My husband and sons and even the dog were males. How could they understand? I had no confidante. And I had a terrible fear behind all the rest. It began early. I was ten years old and confessed a bad thing I had done to my mother. I got angry when she judged me very harshly. I knew even then that God is a forgiving God, so I slammed the door on her. From then on, I never asked her counsel. But it put me in a fear that she was right, that I was unforgiven, and I became bitter, resentful and unthankful. Now I understand that the nature of my need was real – and it wasn’t for a mother. It was to learn to love with real “agape” love, God’s unconditional love for everyone. So…because God knows how to get our attention, in my loneliness, a woman came into my life who seemed to be the sort of accepting and wise mother helper I’d always longed for. I loved her, clutched her counsel and friendship because I thought she was God’s answer. Well, you know, we cannot keep things or people we try to hold. We destroy what we won’t let go and lose it, anyway. But because we were both Christians, I trusted her with my secrets. She told me to keep a journal and learn more about God...


About the Author

Sharon J. Weston

Sharon Weston has 25 years of experience in women’s ministry. She founded Garments of Praise Ministries, Inc., in 2004, a retreat ministry for women. With a dual degree in elementary and special education and a minor in psychology, Sharon currently works as Assistant to the Executive Director of Healthcare, Goodwill Industries of Northern New England. She has one son, David, and lives in Augusta, Maine. Her previous book, Beauty for Ashes: Portraits of Faith, was published in 2011.

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