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Saints and Spiders

Who am I? Why am I so unfulfilled and anxious? Does my life have any meaning? Why must I suffer like this? “Of Saints and Spiders” is a fairy tale for those to whom God seems cold and distant. Russell Schwartz deposits us in the lap of our Heavenly Father and invites us to behold our reflection in His loving eyes.


Book Excerpt

Rays of sunshine fell upon golden locks, marched across a supple, downy terrain and with brilliant reveille proclaimed the beginning of a new day. Tryne, the landlord’s daughter, stretched her limbs in a yawning pirouette, tossed aside her bed linens and sprung up to greet her rouser. “Good morning, Sun!” the little girl burst out. “Thank you for waking me. I wouldn’t want to miss any of today’s miracles.” The child had begun to tidy her bed when a spider lowered itself onto her pillow. “Oh! Hello, Mr. Spider. Father says you are not allowed near our beds because you can’t be taught not to bite. But don’t worry — I’ll put you in a box and carry you out to the garden.”


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Russell Schwartz

Russell Schwartz holds degrees in Biology, Nursing, and Psychology. He describes himself as an open-minded skeptic with a passion for uncovering the truth. He resides in Normal, Illinois where he has worked in health care and higher education for the past twenty years.