Part-Time Preacher's Kid

by Jake Magnusson


Book Details

Resist much, obey little. – Walt Whitman

Come along for the ride as we follow a wandering preacher’s kid (PK) on a journey of self-discovery or maybe self-destruction if he isn’t careful. Jake Magnusson is on a mission to reconcile his quest for freedom with the constraints imposed by the fundamental beliefs of his Christian parents. As his father pursues a higher calling with moves to different churches every few years, the lack of stability in Magnusson’s life feeds a desire to find his own footing and direction whenever and wherever he can. Words found in the Good Book are soon replaced by the latest word on the street. We accompany an evolving PK on adventures here and setbacks there as he crisscrosses the nation and sets off to various countries overseas with his dreams and doubts and demons as constant companions. His feverish pursuit of some kind of harbor to call his own pushes him towards an ever-receding horizon. In this thoughtful and at times humorous memoir, Magnusson recounts the unique problems and challenges that PKs like him encounter in a world full of temptations and endless possibilities. The pursuit of maximum fun and pleasure in his ever-shifting world is part and parcel of a baby boomer growing up with too much time on his hands. What will it take to bring him full circle to what he was searching for from the beginning?


About the Author

Jake Magnusson

The author possesses a Master’s Degree in Education and is now a retired secondary educator and college tutor. He currently lives in California with his wife and without pets. An incurable bibliophile, he also enjoys traveling, hiking, classical music, and putzing around the garden.