New Shoes for Chili Bean

Adventures of a Little Red Mule

by Kathy Smith


Book Details

Nothing’s Going to Stop This Little Mule from Reaching His Goals

Meet the new mule in town. Little Chili Bean is the freshest arrival at Hill Farm. He’s never been so far away from home—or near such big mules like Rachel and Smoke. But before long, Chili Bean has made friends with his new neighbors. Together, they spend their days playing, while Chili Bean learns and grows. From his owner Stu, Chili Bean learns about trust, hard work, and fun. Now, they’re all about to embark on the biggest adventure of their lives—and one that will put Chili Bean on better footing from here on out. And with his new shoes, Chili Bean isn’t letting anything get in his way. Delightfully illustrated, New Shoes for Chili Bean showcases the beauty of nature and the great outdoors. Its enchanting rhymes are sure to get children excited about reading while the colorful pictures fire up their imaginations—and encourage them to follow in one ambitious little mule’s footsteps.


About the Author

Kathy Smith

Kathy Smith lives on a 140-acre ranch in Wisconsin with her husband and a hilarious menagerie of mules, dogs, cats and various visiting wildlife. Her goal is to share the love of animals and outdoor life with young people through children’s books. Smith’s daughter, Kristin, provides the artistic talent that brings her lovable characters to life.