Name Your Poison

A Brian Edwards Novel

by Clay Culpepper Mercer


Book Details

Just A Cowboy Surrounded By Bureaucrats

After his daring rescue of the Governor’s niece, Brian Edwards wants to go back to the farm and settle into life. Unfortunately, several law enforcement agencies want to question Brian about his involvement with various high crimes and misdemeanors committed by persons unknown in Savannah the week before. Brian’s efforts to clear himself result in his being recruited, at the highest political levels, to command a unit whose stated mission is to disrupt a human trafficking network operating in the southeast United States. In the exciting sequel to Low Country Boil, Brian Edwards returns with his celebrated flair and signature Stetson. His monumental ego and penchant for witticism don’t seem to be dampened when he and Maggie win the jackpot in Georgia’s lottery, a stunning $100 million. Name Your Poison serves up another helping of Clay Mercer’s apt style of combining action, intrigue, and old fashioned vigilante justice.


About the Author

Clay Culpepper Mercer

Born in the South and raised on the back of a horse, Clay Mercer has never been one to conceal his feelings. “I ain’t afraid of snakes, green-broke horses, or red-headed women, but don’t ask me to loan you money or pick you up at the airport.” Clay is a syndicated newspaper columnist who shares his own brand of down home humor, which reflects the methods Americans employ in the pursuit of happiness. Clay can also be found on his website,, where he also shows off his favorite horses.

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