My Truth

Short Stories of Joy & Pain

by Terry D. Connor


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The realization of our inability to love ourselves cuts like a knife. Have you ever lived your life on the premise of what others have fed into your spirit? For years you feel trapped inside of your own body and your own head. You begin racing against the clock and feeling like you have to figure out how to rid yourself of these demons and make yourself desirable enough for someone to love you. We go out of our way to convince others how much we love ourselves, but the reality is, the vast majority of us have been taught just the opposite—to put everyone else before “US!” These behaviors spill over into our adult life, and it’s easy to form an opinion about someone you know so little about, just like it’s equally as easy for an adult to mold the opinions of a child. If you’re not careful, you will look in the mirror, and the reflection you see will be that of a stranger.


About the Author

Terry D. Connor

Terry D. is a renowned Healthy Relationship Coach and Speaker, helping empower single women to divorce their past, and build healthy and sustainable relationships. She is also the Author of the book, My Truth. Terry D. is a Speaker with a transformational platform. Although challenging, her experiences have tested her faith, but also built character, and has been an organic transition into her purpose. With 15 years of Training and Development and Speaking under her belt, Terry D., is a Contributing Radio Co-Host as a Relationship Expert, and has written articles for JET Magazine, LYFE and Goddess Magazines. She also trains corporations on building relationships with their peer and employees. Terry D lives in a suburb of Chicago, writing, training, speaking and coaching clients to live their best lives.



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