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What would you do if your dreams, hopes, and faith were snatched from you in one single act? At the tender age of seventeen Gabrielle Ifeya Namid leaves her home country of Haiti full of hope. She expects to earn an education and dreams of impacting the lives of women worldwide. Will her new opportunities create opposition? Will she overcome her losses and pursue her mission? Inspired by a true story, this first novel in the series retraces Gabrielle’s journey as she navigates the bittersweet waters of leaving behind her first love, Benji, and the cruel truth thrust upon her in Germany. Gabrielle struggles to restore her faith in mankind—and in God—in spite of the circumstances she lives through in a foreign land.

In this story of survival and resilience, Gabrielle is forced to mature and face the harsh reality of life at a very vulnerable age. Upon her arrival in Germany, Gabrielle had to overcome her culture shock and quickly acclimate to her new family, a new school, a new set of friends, and her new life. She knew when she left Haiti that her life would never be the same. But she was not at all prepared for the events that changed her life in a profound and dramatic way. If you were in her shoes, what would you do? Begin the journey with this strong and beautiful woman on her quest for self-discovery, inner peace, love, and happiness. Discover the serenity that lies within.


About the Author

Danielle Wainwright, Ph.D.

Danielle Wainwright, a native of Haiti, serves as a mentor to teenage mothers in the Woman2Woman program in Florida. Through this program, she equips and empowers young mothers in ways that help them thrive. Danielle has penned several book reviews and published articles in various literary journals. She has given numerous presentations at literary conferences globally. Her topics of interest range from collective and individual identity to self-discovery, among others. Danielle serves her community by volunteering in several non-profit organizations dedicated to helping Haiti and women. She holds a Ph.D. in Francophone Literature and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources from the Ohio State University.