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God Did Not Talk About Aliens

by John G. Crobons


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Will Your Ingrained Teaching Keep You From Reading This Book

Imagination, Dreams, Parallel Universes, Time slips, Missing Time, Truth, History, Deception, Scientific Theories, Tyranny, here is where we will question all these and many more. The topics are somewhat endless. Here is where fact and fiction sometimes meet, face to face. Who or What do you believe? You, get to choose!


Book Excerpt

Have you ever let your minds’ eye, imagine being just an observer of this so called logical world? Just getting apart and away from all the useless wasteful endeavors that take place on the planet, denying so much joy from the lives of the humans who exist here. Stolen and lost hopes and dreams of the Young seem to wind up as the sad expressions of the Old! Perhaps standing in the shadows of the evening or hidden among the leaves of the forest, not being seen, observing, and watching. You could by chance observe huge sacrifices of time and resources, and in some cases even life itself, given to improve and advance joy and freedom, suddenly being wiped out by greed and senseless ideological thinking. You might picture your self as being set apart from them, not from Earth but possibly an Extraterrestrial or perhaps an Interdimentional Being, trying to find a good reason, well, any reason, to make yourself known to these life forms.


About the Author

John G. Crobons

After a life long private study, observing the strange and the so called normal things that happen, these questions arose and it became evident to me that many things, just don't add up! Thus I invite you to partake in the questioning of why certain things are not quite what they seem to be.