My Passage Through History

A Past Life During the Civil War

by Gregory A. George


Book Details

Curious about the reason for his life-long interest in the Civil War Greg George participated in a hypnotic past life regression. He saw himself as a Yankee Cavalryman in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and involved in a losing battle. When asked to describe his funeral by the hypnotist Greg stated there was no funeral and that he was pushed into a hole. In September 1994 Greg visited the National Cemetery in Danville, Virginia. While walking in front of a row of grave markers he stopped in the shade of a tree. He gazed at the rows of grave markers of Union soldiers spread before him. Looking down he was surprised to see that he was standing in front of the grave of a Union soldier for whom he had been searching for years. Greg was standing in front of his own grave.


Book Excerpt

My intention has been to discover my identity, and my research has led me to a specific Union soldier. I believe during my previous life I was a man named James Henry Van Nostrand of Brooklyn, New York. I had never heard of this man at the time of my first past life hypnotic regression. This is the story of my search. The time was September 16, 1985. The search that would lead to the discovery of my Civil War identity had begun!


About the Author

Gregory A. George

Greg George Lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where he works as a security guard. He is an amateur genealogist and metaphysical researcher. He attended Oklahoma State University and has a Bachelor’s degree in History from Excelsior College in Albany, New York.