A Memoir of Love Science and Adventure- My life with Svante Wold

by Nouna Kettaneh


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A true love story intertwined with science, travel, and adventure

This book is the story of my life with Svante Wold. Svante was a brilliant Swedish scientist who started the field of Chemometrics (how to extract information from large datasets.) We met at a conference in New Hampshire, when Chemometrics was in its infancy, and fell madly in love. Everything separated us. We lived in different countries, were from differing cultures, had established careers, and were in long-term relationships. But love and destiny won. We got married, lived together, worked together and were never apart. We founded a company and succeeded in growing and expanding the field of Chemometrics to what it is today: a forever young discipline, showing the capacity to adapt and solve new challenges in the Natural and Life Sciences. Simca, the software we started, has become the standard of Multivariate Analysis. Above all this book is a love story and a tribute to a wonderful and unique man.


About the Author

Nouna Kettaneh

Nouna Kettaneh-Wold is retired and lives close to her family in Hollis, NH in the home where she and Svante lived.

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A Memoir of Love Science and Adventure- My life with Svante Wold_eBook