My Friend the Fairy

by Teresa Guill


Book Details

What Happens When Your Friend Is a Victim of Bullying?

Jake and Belle become best friends when they are young and innocent—too loving and carefree to focus on their differences. They are inseparable, and their friendship is a joy for both of them. But Jake and Belle discover that as they grow older, more factors intrude into the close relationship that means so much to them. Other people have an agenda…and that interference can be deeply destructive. Unaware of how to stop what is going on, Jake and Belle find their beautiful friendship shattered in a way that could and should have been avoided. My Friend the Fairy is a realistic look at childhood bullying, designed to start meaningful conversations about the real-life impact of bullying, and what kids can do about it.


About the Author

Teresa Guill

TERESA GUILL is a teacher and mother who is dedicated to compassionate education about bullying. Teresa and her illustrator Lucy are both graduates of Bluefield State College in West Virginia. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in elementary education, Teresa chose Concord University to pursue her master’s degree in educational leadership and supervision.