My Dog, Bexley, Is Just Like Me

by Maureen Scanlon


Book Details

Learning Mindfulness and Self Care through the eyes of our pets

“My Dog, Bexley, Is Just Like Me” helps babies, toddlers, and young children to understand that self-care and emotions are good! Through the eyes of our pets, we can learn mindfulness and the fun of reading and memorization. You can replace the name Bexley with your pet’s name for added engagement!


About the Author

Maureen Scanlon

Author Maureen Scanlon is a Certified Master Lifecoach, Speaker and Podcast Host of “I Never Knew But My Dog Did”. Author of 2 books for adults “My Dog Is More Enlightened Than I Am” and “My Dog Is My Relationship Coach”, she wants children to know they are important and feelings are ok. She lives in Pflugerville, Texas. Bexley is her granddog, Border Collie and this book is dedicated to her new Granddaughter, Karter (Bexley’s new sister).

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