My Brother is Artistic

A Brother's View of Autism

by Jane Webb


Book Details

A young boy learns about autism as he learns to understand his older brother.

Enter the world of autism seen through the eyes of a five year old. Meet Carson, the younger brother of a boy named Griffin, a boy who has autism. Their mother is always defining Griffin’s behavior by stating, “Oh, that’s just part of being autistic”. Carson however hears the word “artistic” instead of autistic. This book is a book about understanding and loving the differences in us all.


About the Author

Jane Webb

Jane Webb is a retired school teacher who lives in Avon Indiana with her husband David. They have two grown sons, Blair and Tom. Currently Jane works as a University Coach guiding college students who are pursuing a career in elementary education. During her years in education she was always drawn to the student that needed just a little extra TLC. Her passion was the student that had to overcome challenges in order to learn. One of the greatest joys in teaching is when the misunderstood student finally understands. Her dream is to write children’s books about that type of student.