Mrs. Bonnie Bunny Blueberry Pies

by Delilah Jackson Hall


Book Details

This is a fun, adventurous, powerful, yet gentle endeavor coupled with secrets and life-lessons.

Mrs. Bonnie Bunny is famous for her blueberry pies. She’s won many awards at the yearly Fall festival, and the awards are very important to her. However the Bunny clan, Billie, Bobby, and Betty Bunny along with a couple of their friends, Robbie the Rabbit and Melvin the Mouse have mischievous ideas on what they think should happen with the scrumptious blueberry pies. The problem begins when the pies are swiped from the window sill, making it virtually impossible for Mrs. Bonnie Bunny to enter the pies at the fall festival. As the story continues to unfold secrets are revealed, trust is broken, and the truth emerges in the most unlikely of places.


About the Author

Delilah Jackson Hall

Delilah Jackson Hall is the author of Mrs. Bonnie Bunny Blueberry Pies illustrated by Daniel Espinoza. She attended The Institution of Children’s Literature which was one of her inspirations for writing a children’s book. While pursuing her B.A. in business Delilah had a short story published “A Zest Tradition” in the universities, the marketing scene blog. Delilah Jackson Hall is married with children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. She currently lives in Georgia.