Motor Dynasty

A Conner Pennington Novel

by R.N. Echols


Book Details

Having recently investigated a very old cold case, Conner Pennington, Private Investigator, is called upon to research documents that may indicate misdeeds from a 1958 cold case, that was determined to be an accidental death, but may in fact be murder. Automotive dealerships were burgeoning and manufacturers were reaping huge profits. Greed can play a big role in arranging the demise of individuals, particularly when monetary benefits are related to untimely deaths. Friendships, politics, and hidden relationships cloud the issues throughout Pennington’s investigation. Conner learns that “family” in this case in not about siblings or parents, but more about the ties to organized crime and the Sicilian “family.” A sensual lady from his past engages Conner to uncover the truth behind the deaths of her grandfather and grandmother, resulting in encounters with the remnants of the St. Louis mafia. Conclusions of the original investigation appeared to be thorough at the time, but maybe not thorough enough. Conner Pennington continues to search for the truth in this Mostly True Cold Case Story.


About the Author

R.N. Echols

About the Author As a combat Marine officer, the author often investigated violations of the Uniform code of Military Justice. Upon leaving the Marine Corps he served twenty-three years in the Missouri Department of Public Safety, retiring as a deputy director. Following his state career, Echols became a private investigator, specializing in cold cases. His first Conner Pennington novel, “Colt Ace”, has won wide acclaim among readers of mystery novels. Mr. Echols lives in Fort Worth, Texas with his partner and fellow investigator, Ann.

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