Motivated by Dance

My Dream, Realized - A Memoir

by Dr. Virgie Broussard Pradia


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The author takes the reader through her childhood of poverty, growing up in gritty but dignified rural south Louisiana, and reveals how she developed a passionate love for dance. She also shares her personal story of growing up poor; picking cotton, dreaming of going to New York City and how guiding hands helped shaped her life. She also gives a peek into her dysfunctional family where she witnessed abuse, destruction, and heartache. In this riveting story, she details how a mere babysitting job led her to attend Grambling College, now Grambling State University, and enabled her to make her mark there both on campus, and ultimately internationally. Pradia also relates how a chance encounter with the legendary basketball Hall of Famer Willis Reed resulted in meeting the love of her life, and how winning the title of All-American Cheerleader at Grambling made her childhood dream of going to New York City one day, a reality.

“Your resilience and strength is an inspiration on a new level. Thank you so much for sharing you amazing story!”
~Benilda Nya Guerrero, Fashion Designer/Author

“From very humble beginning marks the journey of a woman with a dream that helped her sustains the integrity, courage and character she desired. The road she traveled was not an easy one, but throughout, she managed to find those who cared enough for her to guide her through the storm. I am delighted to have had the opportunity to read this wonderful book and to get to know Dr. Virgie Broussard Pradia in ways that inspires me to keep hold of my dreams no matter the size of the challenge. This is a must read for anyone who would like to understand what it is like to rise with a strong sense of direction and esteem.”
~Debbie Ivanrie King, Writer/Producer/Director, Walk Through The Valley, Eirnavie Entertainment, Inc.-


About the Author

Dr. Virgie Broussard Pradia

There’s much more to Dr. Virgie Broussard Pradia than meets the eye, especially if you know her only as a dancer. She’s an author, poet, choreographer, photographer, painter, motivational speaker, athlete, coach, and teacher. She holds degrees from Grambling College, Cortland College, Grambling State University and the University of Southern Mississippi.