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Healthy eating, micronutrient building, and cleansing of the internal body system is the heart and soul of More Than A Cookbook. One of the main causes of a sluggish, wrecked immune system is mainly due to a shortage of the vital, essential micronutrients which are of two types (minerals and vitamins). These micronutrients can be found in abundance in fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and pulses. The recipes in this cookbook were designed to utilize these vital micronutrients found in a plant-based diet. More Than A Cookbook is an excellent resource which will greatly assist in the transition to flavorful gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, alkaline meals. This book will show the reader how to prepare many nutritious alkaline meals from the plant kingdom, help with the removal of sugar from their diet, and assist those who are frustrated in knowing what to eat as a substitute for meat. There are main dishes for at least thirty-one days of the month. This cookbook also provides a 21-day step-by-step guide to body cleansing [detoxifying], accompanied by simple recipes for each day of the cleanse.


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Many people living in Western industrial nations die from cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The diseases are often due to bad diets which consist of too much fat (especially fats from animals), sugar, salt, consumption of gluten products, highly refined foods, foods very low in fiber, a lack of drinking adequate amounts of water, and insufficient daily exercise. The Western-style diet is often too acidic for the body since our blood is designed to be in a slightly alkaline state. An acid diet increases inflammation and excess mucus in our bodies. It is therefore of utmost importance to cleanse the body which will assist in killing off the unhealthy bacteria in the intestines and saturating the body system with nutrients, making you feel energetic.


About the Author

Coral E. Odle

Coral Odle has training and experience in dietetics, nursing, pastoral work, teaching in elementary and high schools in United Kingdom and the USA. She has worked as an Educational Administrator in the Caribbean, and the United Kingdom. Coral is a pastor’s wife who has worked with her husband for over 30 years in many aspects of church life. After being in teaching and educational administration for over 27 years, Coral is now working as a Real Estate Broker and is involved in missionary volunteer work in the US, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. It is her passion to help those who are disadvantaged both physically and spiritually in many parts of the world. Coral’s hobbies include cooking, walking, reading spiritually uplifting books, and traveling. Coral E. Odle, MSEd, MTh.