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“Alaska! Do they even play baseball in Alaska?”

“Moving stinks!” ten-year-old Joe Baker declares. The family is moving from Minnesota to Alaska. Joe is leaving behind his favorite uncle, his best friend, and his baseball team. Joe and Dad leave Minnesota and head north on the Alcan Highway through Canada to Alaska. Dad keeps Joe busy listing the wild animals they see. But when Joe sees his first moose, a cow with a newborn calf, he abandons the list in favor of keeping a moose journal and photograph record. Life in Alaska is full of surprises and pitfalls. A new friend, Dutch, helps him through some rough spots. But the bully, Snake, taunts him from day one, eventually starting a fight that gets them both suspended for three days. Joe plans revenge. Moose encounters are numerous and sometimes dangerous. All become entries in Joe’s journal. Spring brings the school science fair and baseball tryouts. Both help Joe feel that living in Alaska will be okay. He uses his moose journal information and pictures to create a science fair display. His entry is not as polished as some but he is enthusiastic. Joe is torn about what to do about baseball. Mom and Dad agree to let him go back to Minnesota and play with his old team, but Dutch begs him to stay. Should he stay or should he go?


About the Author

Janet Wykes Moore

Janet Wykes Moore started her career in Education teaching 4th grade in Minnesota. She then moved to Alaska where she spent 27 years working for the Anchorage School District as a school librarian. Her encounters with moose were numerous. She currently lives in Oklahoma with her husband. She has two grown children.