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It is likely that in the coming decades there will be one or more active stations permanently located on the moon. And it is inevitable that a human life will be taken by another while people are living in these moon colonies. Will we be prepared for the first time it happens?

MOON LUCK is the story of 30 astronauts living on the moon for extended periods. It is also the story of the astronaut-scientists and astronaut-explorers as they grow plants on the moon, explore and find mineral ores, carry out experiments and research, and develop animosities as well as close relationships. When one of the base’s senior members dies in what appears to be an accident, the story follows the trail to discover the actual perpetrator, leaving us with the question:

Is it murder if it happens on the moon?


About the Author

Wayne Scott Harral

About the Author: Wayne Scott Harral has a BS and MS in Civil Engineering and an MBA. He has made a career of providing construction management services mostly to the rail industry throughout the U.S. and in Qatar. Wayne has traveled extensively, having visited some 38 countries, including a yearly trip to the Italian Alps, and his hobbies are numerous and varied. Just in this century they include martial arts, flying, winemaking, and traveling! Moon Luck is his debut novel.