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A crew of scientists and space explorers must work together to find a new home for the human race.

The crew members of the UNSC Zeus have been carefully handpicked for a critical assignment. As Earth is being ravaged by climate change and other disasters, humanity’s best hope is Proxima b—one of the few accessible planets that can support a human colony.

But first, they have to get there in one piece!

The four specialized members of the Command Team are surprised to be prematurely roused from stasis by the ship’s AI computer, Professor. Zeus has suddenly and unexpectedly veered off course, and Professor’s attempts to correct course have failed. The crew must quickly determine the cause and take immediate action to save the ship and the mission. And this isn’t the only problem the four humans and their AI companion will face: Black holes, pulsars, and a mysterious entity all await them in this amazing adventure!


About the Author

Scion Fra

Scion has always been captivated by science fiction. His appreciation for the genre only increased as he witnessed the seemingly impossible actually become reality. He shared his sci-fi bedtime yarns with his grandchildren to inspire them to imagine the unimaginable, and their enthusiasm prompted him to put one of his “out of this world” cliff-hangers in writing. Scion and his wife live in Williamsburg, VA.



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