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A young college graduate, living in a small town and working at an unfulfilling job, Alex Porter begins his journey of self discovery while unwittingly touching the hearts of every person he comes in contact with. His gift for drawing people together leads him to Harold Harper, an elderly man who is becoming more forgetful and confused with every passing day. With the love of his life by his side and Alex’s knack for remembering things, Harold is ready to face the challenge set before him by a greedy son who is intent on sending his parents to a retirement community. Alex may have loftier career goals, but the food market where he is employed provides an epicenter that draws the characters’ lives together, for better or worse. This is a story about bridging the generation gap, of love, laughter, heartbreak and the strength it takes to find happiness. This story portrays how both the young and the old search for their own Misplaced Clarity.


About the Author

C.D. Smith

Ms. Smith lives in a suburb of Denver, Colorado with her husband. A native of North Carolina, Ms. Smith migrated to Colorado nearly two decades ago after earning her Bachelors and Masters degrees on the East Coast. She started writing short stories as a child, and has always had the desire to create something that others would enjoy reading. Her other loves include backpacking, sport climbing, scuba diving, tennis, running, her two years spent as a zookeeper, and her many beloved pets. As her first full-length novel, Misplaced Clarity has been a cathartic learning experience, for both Ms. Smith and her husband, who acted as chief creative consultant throughout the writing process.