The Mischievous Hare

by Darien Summers


Book Details

Trouble with Ears!

Meet Patches - the adorable, fun-loving bunny with a passion for trouble.

Join Patches and her best friend, Fuzzy Cakes, as they try to thwart the schemes of their mean landlord, Mr. Tidy, who hates pets and wants them all out of his nice and clean apartment complex.

A coming-of-age tale, The Mischievous Hare is a story of adventure, love, danger and responsibility that both boys and girls can enjoy.


Book Excerpt

It was a typical Saturday afternoon. The spring sun was shining brightly into Sunday’s room as she was playing tea party with her stuffed animals. She sat there joyfully pouring make believe tea for her stuffed playmates while her mom was in the kitchen preparing lunch, and her dad was in the living room reading the newspaper.

Everything seemed happy and serene in this quaint little apartment, but before we venture any further into the events of this day, there is one more family member that needs to be introduced.

In a far corner of the living room resides an idle relaxed little bunny. Her fur is softer than the softest pillow that you ever slept on. She is about half the size of a full grown cat, and her ears droop down just over the part of her face that hides that certain look in her eye that tells you that trouble is on its way. But we are about to find that out anyway as rest time is over and she springs to life and jolts out of her play pen. Her name is Patches, and her day is just beginning.


About the Author

Darien Summers

About the Author

While born in New York, Darien Summers grew up in San Francisco where he attended San Francisco State University and received a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies. Along with his wife, Laura, they have always been pet lovers at heart. Told by Darien, The Mischievous Hare is a combination of his and Laura’s experiences sharing their lives with bunnies.

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