Millennials Your Time Has Come

by Stephen A. Vigiano


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Millennials Your Time Has Come!

What is the secret to life? Is it to take a moment to reflect on the things you have done and then ask yourself “Did I make a difference in the world”? Showing compassion and empathy towards others will never diminish your self-worth; it will only increase it. Every day we are given opportunities to positively impact the lives of those we touch along this journey. Life is an incredible opportunity to CHANGE the world through kindness and the use of our creative thinking that will lead to a better world! It is in our thoughts that our dreams are created. Our hope for the future of mankind can become a reality if we unite in a common cause that is bigger than any one individual. Don’t avoid the future, embrace your future!

“Putting off an opportunity that is presented today, thinking it can wait until tomorrow causes more regrets and heartache then you could ever imagine. We have a choice when opportunity comes knocking at our door, we can seize the moment or we can simply ignore the signs. Life is about taking a leap of faith knowing there will be someone there to catch you when you jump.”

“Measure a person, not by what they have done for themselves, but by what they have done for others.” ~ Stephen A Vigiano

“My father’s wisdom that is written in this book is about inspiring us to overcome the many challenges we are facing; he gives us a roadmap on how we can change this nation and move the world safely into the 21st Century. We are now the largest generation in the United States of America and we can no longer stand by and watch this nation and the world crumble before our very eyes. When we understand that we have the “Power” to do this, it is then that we will change the course of history and give our generation and future generations a chance to not only survive, but for the first time in this nations short history the opportunity to thrive and succeed!” ~ Troy Vigiano

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