Your Time Has Come to Rewrite History!

by Stephen A. Vigiano


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The Gift “It has taken me a lifetime to understand the simple life lessons taught by the greatest thinkers throughout the history of our world. The consistent theme was how our thinking affects our outcomes in life. Each day when we awaken, we are given three options of thought that could determine the meaning of our lives. These options are the past, the present, and the future. Our yesterdays are gone forever, today is all we have because tomorrow may never arrive. Most of what we fear and worry about resides in our tomorrows. This to me is what causes so much anxiety and stress in our world. Then there is today, if we open the gift that is today and live in the present moment, we will bring more hope, joy, and meaning to our lives. Today is a gift that so many of us never open.” Stephen A Vigiano

Millennials Your Time Has Come to Rewrite History! What is the secret to life? Is it to take a moment to reflect on the things you have done and then ask yourself “Did I make a difference in the world”? Showing compassion and empathy towards others will never diminish your self-worth; it will only increase it. Every day we are given opportunities to positively impact the lives of those we touch along this journey. Life is an incredible opportunity to CHANGE the world through kindness and the use of our creative thinking that will lead to a better world! It is in our thoughts that our dreams are created. Our hope for the future of mankind can become a reality if we unite in a common cause that is bigger than any one individual. Don’t avoid the future, embrace your future!

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