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The story of a little girl who had a best friend that was different, special, and most of all, heaven-sent in every way.

For all the parents out there, may this book be a reminder of the existence of your inner child and the power of love which is hidden deep inside your soul, may it take you back to the place you have long forgotten.

And to all the young readers and listeners, believe in what you see and cherish the gift "Papa" sends us all down here with. So if needed take your parents and show them how to look through the eyes of a child once again..... Michael.


About the Author

Stormy Weber

Stormy Weber was born 1970 in Germany. According to her parents, her imagination for stories and songs she came up with, while growing up, had no limits. Believing in the unbelievable and knowing that there is more to what many of us can see, is deeply instilled in her raising. Today she lives in Illinois, USA and works as a Paraprofessional at a High School. Stormy is a certified Kindergarten teacher and worked for many years with the most precious gifts the Lord (Papa) sends into our lives. Teaching and listening to children of all ages is her passion. Writing a spiritual children's book was always one of her dreams. " And dreams can come true if you believe".