The Messy Buddha

Dancing on the Soul's Growing Edge

by Kate McLennan, D.Min.

The Messy Buddha

The Messy Buddha

Dancing on the Soul's Growing Edge

by Kate McLennan, D.Min.

Published Apr 21, 2009
201 Pages
Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth


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A Soulful Approach to Life and Art As

Spiritual Practice

A Soulful Approach to Life and Art As Spiritual Practice

Have you ever wondered why bad things happen in your life when you know you are doing all the right things?

Is illness merely a wake up call or is there a deeper spiritual meaning?

What propels you to your soul’s growing edge?

To be a buddha means to be awake while living the questions.

The Messy Buddha spotlights Kate McLennan’s journey to awaken and find meaning while dancing on her soul’s growing edge through cancer, chronic illness, and the messiness of life.

♥ Explore meditation and body prayer.

♥ Cultivate creativity as spiritual practice.

♥ Awaken with The Messy Buddha.

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"'The Messy Buddha' is a strong and recommended pick for anyone who struggles to fit time for their spirit into their lives."

~Midwest Book Review

"See through the eyes of a true spiritual warrior. Kate McLennan has lived it, correction is living it and her life is truly a magnificent piece of performance art we should all embrace."

~Brian E. Erland “Rainbow Sphinx” Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

Part spiritual memoir, part instruction manual —

wholly dance steps for the soul’s growing edge.


Book Excerpt

From The Messy Buddha: Dancing on the Soul's Growing Edge

My life partner Sharon named me “the messy buddha” several years ago when I was in the hospital for months with leukemia. She said that most of the time I was calm, peaceful, and buddha-like with my beautiful bald head. Then there were times when I would totally lose it. While feelings of despair and sadness were appropriate in this situation, I became frustrated and irritated at my inability to be serene all the time. Sometimes I felt like a failure. Why couldn’t I be more sage-like and accepting? Living authentically in the moment is sometimes messy. Certainly being a buddha—which means being awake—is messy business. The art of being alive is the ability to breathe and live each messy moment. It’s about dancing on the edge of our soul’s growth while being faithful to our song.


About the Author

Kate McLennan, D.Min.

Rev. Dr. Kate McLennan is an interfaith minister, and a captivating performing artist. Her leukemia survival story was filmed for the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s website ( Kate lives in theTexas Hill Country outside of Austin with her beloved partner of several decades, five dogs, and one ancient cat who actually sleeps on a hot tin roof. and

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