Memoirs of a Nail Tech

Lessons from the Sisters I never had...

by Tanisha Morgan


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You Wouldn’t Believe The Stories I’ve Heard In My Salon!

Ever wonder how you ended up where you are? I finished high school wanting to be an attorney, working part time in law-firms for over 6 years. Who knew someone would ask me to join them in cosmetology school and I’d become a licensed nail technician for over 20 years! The stories I've heard, the lessons I've learned and the mistakes I've avoided, all contribute to how I ended up writing this book. Many people are lucky to have a handful of mentors to guide and advise them, but few are lucky enough to have hundreds of mentors span over 20 years. Join me by being the fly on the wall in the “Nail Salon” as I share some of my memories on parenting, relationships, pain, success, love and heartache. Thank you clients for unknowingly making me a lady who truly enjoys life!!!


About the Author

Tanisha Morgan

Tanisha Morgan is an entrepreneur and business owner, corporate trainer, speaker at a yearly NBCC National Conference and motivational speaker at nationwide seminars. She is a Chicago native who now resides in Phoenix, Arizona.