Rain Main Series - Book Three

by Micheal Andrisano


Book Details

Luther has gone missing, Juan is alone, and Guntier presses forward to detonate a bomb in lower Manhattan and Moscow.

Luther has gone missing for the last three days in Morocco. He had been kidnapped quite suddenly from the Hotel Ryad Mogador, Marrakech. It was quickly done, taking both men by surprise. The timing had made Juan wonder if someone had already found the body of Petrovic. A KGB agent they left propped up in a chair dead. A warning message was tied around his neck. It told everyone Chechnya was sincere and played no games. His death proved none were being played. Petrovic’s death was swift a kind jester for payment on the information needed in order to locate where Günter had gone. A hard price to pay, but it kept his family alive. They would have died next if he didn’t confess. It came with the business he was in. Neither man cared about killing the Russian agent. It was done in their line of work when it was perceived as necessary. Petrovic knew from the beginning that he was as good as dead anyway. They all knew no one would leave behind someone who could possibly warn Günter of their manhunt for him.
The thrilling ending to the Rain Men Series. The first book is the award-winning Operation Seeding, book two, Extended Forcast / Global Chaos, and now the final work May Day Cometh.
Or is it?


About the Author

Micheal Andrisano

Michael is an award-winning author, residing in PA. His desire for writing these three stories stemmed from an article read in second grade in Scholastic Magazine. Over sixty-six years ago. “I started writing after I retired and the fascination of storytelling leads one into a thought process that seeks answers to all that is unknown.”

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