Immigrant, Community Activist

by Maria E. Rundquist


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An Immigrant Making a Difference Through Community Involvement

As a young girl growing up in Merida, Maria faced tragedy and hardship. As a young woman she endured abuse by her ex-husband. Maria found the courage to break free from her abuser and build a good life as a single parent with two small children. Maria’s life changed when she met a young American medical ex-change student from Iowa while she worked as a secretary for the medical residency program at a Hospital in Merida. Maria and her two small children came to America with a fiancé visa in order to marry Dr. Rundquist. Maria and her two children are naturalized citizens and they hold dual citizenship. She is proud to be an American yet part of her heart belongs to her native country, as well. Maria has actively assimilated into the communities where she raised her four children. She advocates for women, children and the environment. Maria wants to inspire women to face challenges in their own lives by getting involved in their children’s activities as well as volunteering in their communities.


Book Excerpt

Another summer was camping/fishing in Valdez, Alaska. We rented a cabin on the river. The first day our children fished along the river in the morning. At sunset we experienced water tied and the water washed away all the children's fishing poles. So we couldn't fish, but enjoyed the beautiful summer weather, boating, and hiking exploring the place. As you know winters are tough in Alaska, but we managed to enjoy cross-country ski in a l0 below zero weather in Early April when the sun starts to come up for a few hours. We learned to dress-up in layers. Rex enjoyed Alpine climbing, but one day he fell off the crevasse (broke his arm) and that was the last time I let him go to climb icy mountains.


About the Author

Maria E. Rundquist

Maria E. Rundquist is retired from her small business as translator/interpreter, and Spanish instructor. She is still involved in her community as volunteer. She is active in the Northwest Iowa Sierra Group, The Loess Hills Audubon Society, The Sioux City Neighborhood Network, The League of Women Voters, the Missouri River Runners, and the First Unitarian Church of Sioux City, Iowa. Maria and her husband Rex have four children and seven grandchildren.



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