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The Adventure of a Lifetime Underneath the City…

When twelve-year-old Kyle and his mother move from San Francisco to India, he doesn’t know what to expect. He’s leaving everything familiar behind, except for his beloved pet cat, Tingy. But as they travel, Kyle finds something special in Tingy’s cage—a marble, unlike any he’s ever seen. The marble brings mystery into Kyle’s life, as other people seem interested in it as well. A stranger he meets on the train tells him that there are four marbles to be found. On the trip, Kyle also meets new friends—the Andersons and their children Rahip and Carrie. Kyle discovers that Rahip knows secret places in the city, where the outcasts live. But he never expects to be faced with the challenge of a lifetime when he and Rahip fall into a secret world, where Kyle’s talent for finding mystical marbles becomes a matter of life and death for the animals trapped there. Imaginative and exciting, Marbles is sure to become a family favorite for readers of all ages.


About the Author

Myrna Doreen White

Myrna White’s gift for listening and her interest in people’s life stories led her naturally to a career in mental health. Now retired, she enjoys the company of her three children and six grandchildren, whose imagination inspires her lifelong love of writing. Myrna also enjoys gardening, watercolors, photography, and gatherings of friends and family.