Mamma Will Never Know

by LaVone Currie


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Tommy’s Road to a Bright Future Takes a Tragic Detour…

Tommy Greene has everything going for him: he’s the smartest kid in his class, a talented basketball player, responsible, loving, and kind. He adores his younger brother Ralphy, and he does everything he can to make life easier for his mother, struggling to make ends meet after she is abandoned by the boys’ father. Tommy’s mother isn’t around as much as she would like to be, and she isn’t aware of the pressure suddenly put on Tommy to become a juvenile drug-seller for Nate, the terrifying heroin dealer. Through circumstances out of his control, Tommy gets sucked into life as a dope addict. Together with his colleagues Eddie and Cruz, he learns about the hard realities of street life, as the three boys bond in a desperate effort to make the most of the situation they’re in, and stay alive. Gritty, compelling, character-driven, and deeply compassionate, Mamma Will Never Know is an eye-opening lesson to parents and teens alike about a frightening aspect of drug subculture that preys on children.


About the Author

LaVone Currie

LaVone Currie is a graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo. He is multilingual and speaks several languages. He is retired.

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