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Do you feel or do you have a passion or need to change your life or make a shift towards happiness and wellness? Reality tells us that unfortunate things happen to all human beings. You have total and complete control over how you react to what happens to you. Everything you want in life is a result of how you think about what it is you want. Master your mind, master your life. Making Shift Happen is your guide book your owner's manual for creating a positive shift in your life while making positive change. Every human being has the ability to say, "I change my mind, I change my life." That becomes the easy part of Shift. It is the action that must occur that separates those who just think about change and those who start the self-journey of personal empowerment and make shift happen. Resist the inner voice that wants to second guess you. Once you decide to change, then just change. It becomes important to understand your personal motivation for wanting to change your life. Please don't change for the sake of changing or changing for someone else. Finally, empower yourself. Give yourself the tools needed for change, use the tools, take charge of your Shift, and do not let or expect someone to do it for you. When you have a new perspective, you can reduce your stress create a simpler life, experience gratitude and satisfaction as you Make Shift Happen!


About the Author

Steven Dakai, Ph.D.

Steven H. Dakai, Ph.D. has spent the past seventeen years laughing, crying, learning, living and working with Alaska Natives and Native Americans. Steven is CEO of Shift Happens International LLC a Life Enrichment Consulting Firm. He is well known for guiding individuals through coaching, mentoring, and professional learning opportunities. Dr. Dakai concentrates his efforts on personal change. Dr. Dakai not only shows but invites anyone interested in Making Shift Happen to nurture and refine their own healing skills. By valuing culture, communication, respect and dignity for all human beings, Dr. Dakai continuously strives to eliminate stigma associated with addictive and behavioral health disorders in all aspects of his work and life. Peace and blessings, live life well this day!