Low Country Boil

A Novel

by Clay Culpepper Mercer


Book Details

Savannah Nights Have Never Been Hotter!

When retired child abuse investigator/horse bum Brian Edwards receives a phone call from the governor, he initially suspects a practical joke. The reality is that the governor’s niece is missing and he wants Brian to find her, quietly and without attracting any official attention to the governor or his family. This particular summer in Savannah, Georgia, where the heat, the humidity, and the pollen count are usually in triple digits, turns exceptionally hot when terrorists attack the hotel hosting a fund-raiser held for the governor just as Brian and his team of unlikely recruits are poised to rescue the Governor’s niece. Low Country Boil offers a revealing look into the disabilities field and the professionals that serve individuals with disabilities, while weaving a compelling tale of intrigue and deception coupled with the ruthless violence associated with the international drug trade. Brian’s penchant for bending regulations, and ignoring those he can’t bend, proves to be just the recipe for success in this down home thriller.


About the Author

Clay Culpepper Mercer

Born in the South and raised on the back of a horse, Clay Mercer has never been one to conceal his feelings. “I ain’t afraid of snakes, green-broke horses, or red-headed women, but don’t ask me to loan you money or pick you up at the airport.” Published weekly in his hometown newspaper, The Cordele Dispatch, Clay uses his own brand of down-home humor to reflect on the methods Americans employ in the pursuit of happiness. Readers can also find Clay on his website, www.claymercer.com , where he has also been known to show off his favorite horses.

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