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The goal of this book is to Inspire generations and to present LOVE & justice in their purest original form and how we can experience it in today's world. Over the years, I would create poerty,  research topics, create art, while I living in the inner city (hood) & being involved real church & working learning in business here in America. One day, I looked at the world around me plus what we saw on the news, heard on the radio, & what we saw on TV, all displaying the issues of our world. I wanted to make a difference, so I wrote this book to make a good positive difference. 

As a result, I saw that we are all hurting, and need true Love, inspiration, healing, mercy, & justice. In this my first book, I took some of my 10 + years collection of my work, art, research, poerty, & short stories and created this book "Love Inspiration War".  We can take a stand for whats right and for what we should be; not just settle for being lied to or mistreated; but we can experience the beauty of life. We dont have ti be violent, and you dont have to agree with people or the majority esp if they are immoral and unjust! Love is beyond romance! Singles, married, all races, men, young & old can all be blessed by this book, esp if one has an open mind. 

I also took some real life experiences and use them in this book. I wanted reach people of all ages, all ages, even men, racial minorities, and even people like me who constantly have limited time to sit down and read. Watch my video about my book at .


Book Excerpt

 "Love Inspiration War covers several topics" 

 Again my video about my book at . 

Below are not quotes, they are some of the topics discussed in this book. 
 This book is fun to read for almost any age group, including 3 short stories that were added to this book, even though this book is not a story book. . My art & writings and poems are perfectly balanced. Artists will also loove this book. 

How do I recover bounce back from my own failure?

No matter what I/ we do, "If I dont have charity/ love, it profits me nothing". Is Love limited to romance or family? In My world?

"WAR" is taking a stand and fighting the immoral injustices of the world. All injustice is rooted in immorality! Lets change this. Its okay to be angry and upset about immoral injustices. 
Its also "LIES" the way we have been recently been taught to approach truth as if there isn't one good foundation for all of life, & justice, family, love, etc. 

Sadly, lots people blame religion for racism & slavery in USA, but would God or Christ do these things? I discuss my research on this topic in this book. 


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My Official 2nd book signing & Music Album Release on February 17,2018 at 1 pm at The Salvation Army RJ Kroc @ 1401 Ballentine Blvd; Norfolk, Va; 23504 7578229765; 
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About the Author

Michael R. Webb

In fact, I had quite an experience growing up because my father was a pastor and I lived in some rough inner city neighborhoods (Parkplace and Huntersville) in Norfolk, Virginia. Meanwhile, I became a born-again Christian believer at age 14. It was a battle avoiding violence, the love of money (the root of all evil), and sexual sins; but God has kept me. It was God's grace, mercy, love, and strength that led me to obey God/ Jesus Christ. Music &Art: My parents prayed over me as a child and anointed my hands with holy oil until God gave me the gift to play drums. Later, God blessed me to play drums in LIVE concerts with Anointed Song (my Pro band), God's Image (GI) in 2009, Deshawn da Golden Child, Marcus Cole (2008), Word Singers of Norfolk, NLFC, Salvation Army, WUNDAFAM, Gospel Unity Singers of NC and Justin Shaw of American Idol. It was fun playing Gospel/ Christian music in forms of jazz, urban, traditional, worship and more. Actually, I could always draw, but I didn’t know God’s purpose for my artistic abilities. In college, I learned to develop my art. Later, God anointed me to draw biblical concepts & write poems and stories for His glory which helped & inspire eople. 

Truthfully, at the of writing this book, in my life I was in search of a career because I was one of the few million Americans who was sadly living in the economic & job market crash 2007-2012. Plus, I knew I had no future at low paying jobs. Later, I found work at a parking garage and later on Valet. Meanwhile, I was a musician & local pro-Christian manager for an upcoming band at that time, "Anointed Song". From time to time, I would write, research topics or political issues or social injustice issues. When I was inspired, I would draw. Later, some of my sketches became illustrations. Finally, I graduated from Norfolk State University, and began to search for a career. I wanted more in life. Then God spoke to me “take all of your original art and copyright them.” Obviously, I did. In adding, I was employed at a minimum wage job and I worked part-time in financial services. Meanwhile, I continued working as a volunteer in ministry in various places for FREE; including the Salvation Army, New Living Faith Church, and I gave away my art and poems in inner city outreaches. In the Summer of 2010, one night at work, I realized that I was still unfulfilled. Then God asked me: “What is your passion, something you love to do?” In response, I thought of how good I felt when I wrote inspirational poems & stories and created art. Next, God said “take your copyrightten writings and art; and put them in a book.” Immediately, I felt alive because I realized that God wanted to me to be a Christian Illustrator and author. In adding, I also illustrated the Cover Art & book cover for "Widow's Oil" by Timothy D.D. Brown. Presently, I work as an Outreach minister In The Salvation Army in a Community Center in Hampton Roads, Va. Recently, I founded a new Non-church ministry "Visions of MWHM" by which the homeless are fed, inner city outreach, music benefits, music ministry, Christian Mentoring occurs, Clean Open mics are promoted for local artists & young aspiring Christian or clean Music artists, new comic book series "Integrity", and Jesus Christ's gospel is taught, etc.