Lost Girl Found

A Collection of Poems

by Natasha Monique


Book Details

This collection is a culmination of views on the diversity of life. It paints images of the duality of love and hate, hope and loss, as well as joy and misery. One cannot know true happiness unless they experience true sadness.The poems depict the life and times of a young woman surviving in the northeast. Lost Girl Found gives insight to family, lovers, and life in general. This is the collection of thoughts from a woman who has seen the duality of life and realizes the important balance of human nature.


Book Excerpt

Manifest: I seem to have a dream, It doesn’t manifest to me. It comes in colors and streams. Billions of points in symmetry. I touch the points, Caress the streams, Marvel in the colors, It’s all still a dream. It doesn’t manifest to me. I close my eyes and press my brain, To get these thoughts out in plain, View. and make them whole. They dissipate as soon as my lids unfold, For I exist in my dreamless world.


About the Author

Natasha Monique

I was born and raised in southern New Jersey and can call no other place home. I raised my son there and even attended Rutgers University – Camden Campus. I earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology mainly to help straighten out my own twisted thoughts. Throughout my life, I have always been fascinated by human emotions. It was not until my first diary at age twelve that I began to utilize written expression as my main means of emotional venting. I thoroughly enjoy the craft of writing and hope not to only teach but evoke emotion through words.