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The Story Behind the Mafia Murder that Riveted New York

On the afternoon of February 10, 1979, Theresa Ferrara took a phone call at Apple Hair Cutters on Long Island, New York. Then she headed out the door-"to make an easy $10,000," as she told her niece. She said she'd be back in ten minutes. That was the last time anyone ever saw her alive. The FBI ruled it a homicide. But what really happened to Theresa Ferrara? Was she killed over her involvement in the Mafia's legendary Lufthansa Heist-the biggest in history? Was she murdered in connection to her rumored informing on New York drug dealers? Or was it something else entirely? Was she even dead? Looking for Closure chronicles her niece's courageous and decades-long journey to uncover the truth behind her beloved aunt's mysterious disappearance-and the partial remains that turned up three months later, identified as Theresa's. Using police and court records, newspaper reports, interviews and new forensics technology, Maria Stewart pushes for a renewed investigation into the case. And she discovers the incredible secrets behind a life she thought she knew. Through it all, this real-life thriller provides important new details on the case that riveted the papers and served as inspiration for characters in the movies Goodfellas and Ten Million Dollar Getaway. Stewart examines every possible lead-from mysterious phone calls purporting that Theresa was still alive to a psychic's intriguing statements. But what she discovers could be even more shocking than she imagined possible.


About the Author

Maria Stewart

Maria Stewart is the oldest niece to Theresa Ferrara. For more than twenty years, Stewart has been examining every piece of the case. At age 40, she uncovered major flaws in the official investigation, prompting a new look at what happened to Theresa. Stewart has three children and lives on Long Island, New York.



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