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Telepathy - A gift or a curse?

For Lizzy it is a gift. One that brings her closer to the mountain lions she observes and the wildlife that surrounds her cabin. Her mostly secluded existence is simply her price to pay. The Tahoe National Forest has its share of perils, but Lizzy and her dog, Ranger, are respectful of the animals that dwell here. While she is fond of them all, she has found a special bond with Clyde, the male lion that dominates the area. Her responsibility is to report his activities and wellbeing to PUMA, but it is her gift that makes her the best researcher on the team. When a handsome man stumbles into her life, her focus turns to his safety. She soon learns that the predators he faces are far worse than anything the forest conceals. She is reminded of mankind’s dark tendencies and why she chooses to avoid this particular species. Entangled in a web of danger and desire, secrets are revealed and new choices are discovered.

Also by S.D. Howard

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