Living on the Edge

Adventures of a Hunter

by Shannon L. Kollmeyer


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Adrenaline rush in every hard- core hunting adventure.

Untamed wilderness, nasty terrain, daunting conditions, over 50 species—experience it all in one man’s lifetime hunting passion. No braggadocio—just solid stories that show the hard work, research, planning, practice, patience, and perseverance that makes for good hunting. Shannon Kollmeyer is your guide through this spectrum of hunts in four countries, 20 locations, various geographies, different cultures, and every type of terrain and weather imaginable. Follow the author’s footsteps across the Yukon wilderness, the Canadian Arctic, Alaska, the United States, Africa, and New Zealand. Hunt polar bears near the North Pole, 80 miles out on Arctic Ocean ice, traveling by dogsled and surviving bitter cold. Scale almost vertical mountain stream beds pursuing Dall sheep. Stalk giant Alaskan brown bears—on foot. Successfully hunt caribou, moose, grizzly bear, wolverine, and wolves in the Canadian Arctic. Enjoy hunts for wild sheep, mountain lions, mountain goats, deer, elk, and moose in North America, plus Himalayan tahr and chamois in New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Chilling, authoritative daily accounts of hunting four of the most dangerous killers in Africa will give you goose bumps. The author and his wife escape the charge of an enraged, screaming, wounded elephant, they stalk a silent killer leopard in pure darkness, and survive a stampeding herd of cranky Cape buffalo. A wounded lion gets tracked through kasaka , long grass, and dambo, finally succumbing to the hunter’s pursuit. You will experience the suspense, fear, and resolve of stalking unpredictable killer animals with the potential of death always lurking. A total of 19 African animals are hunted in a world few have seen. Almost 300 photos of animals and their habitat embellish the text. The book also documents and threads through the text and stories, the idea that hunting is key to wildlife conservation and the most important factor in the survival of all wildlife and their habitat. The North American Model of wildlife conservation is unique in the world and incorporates the role of hunting as the dominant reason North America's rich wildlife resources have been sustained for all to enjoy.


About the Author

Shannon L. Kollmeyer

Shannon L. Kollmeyer has a lifelong passion for hunting and adventure. Who would have thought? —a mild-mannered real estate and banking guy goes out and “lives on the edge.” He knows hunting. He’s lived it, having stalked game in all of the Western United States, Canada (including the Arctic Ocean), New Zealand, and Africa. He has collected over 50 animals with rifle and bow that qualify for the major record books of trophy animals. Shannon graduated in economics from Washington State University and earned an MBA from cross state rival, University of Washington. He and his wife, Cris, live in Chelan, Washington. They have two grown children, Aaron and Kelly.



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