Live Well

6 Steps to Abundant Peace

by Dr. Bridgette Bryan


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The Key To Living In Abundant Peace Is Discovering Hidden Detours

Are you struggling to find peace in your life? Our life struggles often remove the abundant peace God has called each of us to live in. Some of the most common peace-robbing struggles we face lead us to the following questions: “Why do I get so angry?” “Why do I overeat or undereat?” “Why do I spend money when funds are not available?” “Why do I drink in excess?” “Why can’t I find a job that makes me happy?” “Why can’t I experience a healthy relationship?” “Why can’t I stop taking opioids?” “Why can’t I stop gambling?” “Why can’t I stop smoking?” “Why do video games consume my life?” “Why am I unable to stop high risk sexual behavior?” “Why am I always stressed?” Each of these questions plus many more can be answered through a six-step life changing journey that leads to God’s abundant peace. Every step offers specific answers you have been searching for and solutions that will bring abundant peace into your life. If you are ready to find your “why” and begin living a peace filled life, today is your day! Let’s begin.


About the Author

Dr. Bridgette Bryan

Bridgette Bryan is an international speaker who holds a doctorate in executive leadership, a master’s in psychology and administration, and a certificate in biblical counseling. She is the owner of and is passionate to help others know and achieve God’s best in their lives. She and her husband, Jeff, live in Biloxi, Mississippi, and they are the proud parents of two sons.