Little Red Tricycle’s Journey

by Bonnie MacLaughlin Chiantera


Book Details

…a beloved tricycle shared by my son and his daughter, forty years later


Book Excerpt

Little Red Tricycle's Journey is a picture book circle story that takes us on the journey of a little red tricycle through many years.  It was a gift to my son on his second birthday and then came full circle to appear at his daughter's second birthday...forty years later.  It tells the story that once we love and cherish something, that years gone by and age are less important than the joy it gives us. Be it peope or things, old is beautiful!!!


About the Author

Bonnie MacLaughlin Chiantera

Bonnie MacLaughlin Chiantera is a retired Elementary Educator. After years of teaching “the little people” and reading thousands of picture books, she decided to write one of her own, Little Red Tricycle’s Journey, her first book, comes from a place of love in her family memories. She lives in New Jersey with her yellow Lab “Brady” and enjoys reading, writing and visiting her children for all family celebrations.

About the Artist… Margaret Moretti is self taught and was asked to participate in a Healing Arts Workshop four years ago. Two years later, she picked up her brushes and watercolor paints and has been painting for pleasure since. Her paintings range from landscape, wildlife, still -life to childhood memories that dance in her head. Look for her wit, sense of humor and a hidden message in all her works.