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When you fall, get back up!

Little Miss wakes up with a squeal. In anticipation, she hops out of bed. Pop promised that today Little Miss gets to go to work with him-on the ranch! Camilla is the most beautiful horse Little Miss has ever seen. Pop lets Little Miss sit on Camilla’s back with instructions to, “Sit very still”. In her excitement, Little Miss wiggles around beginning the most frightening ride of her life! WILL LITTLE MISS BE OK?


About the Author

Brianna Spencer

Brianna has loved storytelling all her life. She spends most of her time pretending to be a responsible adult and looking for her keys. Her favorite hobbies include reading and napping. Brianna lives in a tiny yellow house in a little dairy town you’ve probably never heard about. Kaitlyn Whited has been in love with art of any form as long as she can remember. She is a graduate of the NYIP. Cartooning has become a passion of hers. Brianna and Kaitlyn are lifelong friends who grew up in the same town allowing the creation of this book to be a very personal, and exciting experience. Kaitlyn can be contacted at